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November 2012 || Volume3. No.1

November, 2012 II

A Prayer before Drowning

The flashing of the lightning was troublesome to him-
To add fear roaring of the thunderbolts too.
Darkness darkened the divine daylight-
Holy threshold of the heavenly orbit closed for ever-
An ugly star then laughed at all and it was an ill omen.
The dam of Mullapperiyar is explored!!!

With the blew of an eastern whirlwind-
A tremendous fear has knocked at his heart’s door without ceasing.
A disastrous larger water mountain moving towards him
Munching and swallowing up everything in front of it.
Who is there to make a Noah’s ark soon-
to save the life of thousands from drowning.

From his pell-melled heart life scattered in the water
In dark but splendid cloth sister death approached him.
He implored her to give a chance more-
For loving God and fellow men-
To embrace everything that has been created.
Since, he seldom loved them until.

He was late too late his inner voice told him.
For a moment he then fell into a deep sea of thoughts.
In the past like a falcon bird who attacked God living in all.
What would be in his shoulder bag? he checked.
Surprised to see bundles of vices to his credit,
is that his only treasure to name on the earth?

With a repented heart made sorry for his mistakes before floating on the waters.
Holding on his last breath on the surface he said:
To thee Jesus, O! King, I the wretched man pray with tears.
Let me sublime this dirty heart my God at your feet.
Show me your eligible heaven to put my soul safe.

Br. Stephen Kachappilly

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